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5 Good reasons why massage isn't about pampering yourself

1. Getting a massage can help with chronic pain:

A lot of people today suffer with upper, lower back, shoulder, neck and joint pain caused by , fibromyalgia, arthritis or postural issues related to occupation. Regular massage can alleviate this and can be seen as a real holistic healthier alternative to over the counter pain killers or other forms of pain relief.

2. Massage can be helpful with stress

In the uk alone stress related illness effected 488,000 people costing uk business 11.7 million in sickness absence alone (2015/16). Longterm chronic stress is well known to be a contributing risk factor to many conditions today, such cardiac disease, insomnia , irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, diabetes and depression.

Regular massage has the ability to reduced the body’s naturally producing chemicals that are generated by the stress response, allowing the body to rebalance itself.

3. Getting a massage can help with a better nights sleep

Lack of sleep and sleep deprivation have been associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions as well as changing a persons mood and wellbeing. Massage can bring a reduction in muscle tension as well as enhancing hormones levels responsible for relaxation which in turn can lead to a more therapeutic nights sleep.

4. Massage can boost your immunity

If your stress and anxiety levels are prolonged this can have a detrimental effect on your bodies immune system. This can lead to your body being unable to fight off bacteria and virus as effectively - like the common cold or flu. As with stress there is growing evidence that regular massage has the effect of reducing the bodies naturally producing hormones allowing the body to return to position where it is able fight off germs we come into contact with everyday.

5. Massage can increase your flexibility

Massage raises the temperature of the muscles being worked on, bringing an increased blood flow and oxygen into the area. This increased blood flow will also help with the elimination of naturally occurring waste products within the muscle fibres. Through various massage techniques tight muscle fibres loosen and expand allowing a greater flexibility, which can also reduce pain and increase range of movement.

So if you are thinking of getting a massage - don't think it of it as pampering yourself , think of massage as an important tool for improving your mental and physical health and wellbeing.

If you would like to discuss this or any other issues you may have please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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