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"The massage session with Kevin was one the the best so far. His expertise comes across as he begins with slow stretching,followed by a combination of gentle & firm strokes,going deeper where he feels the need.He tackled all the knots in my back,leaving me totally relaxed.I cannot praise him enough for his simplicity & devotion to bodywork."

- Mat  (Catering Manager)

"Met Kevin yesterday, and he gave me a fantastic, professional holistic massage. He was very friendly and was very patient listening to my needs when filling in the questionnaire prior to the massage. He was very skilful and the pressure was spot on.

He made sure to spend time on my upper and lower back to get rid of the knots! I was so relaxed and enjoyed so much that I dozed off a few times during the massage! 
I highly recommend Kevin for his amazing skills."

- Will (Project Manager)

"My Mum and I visited KM massage 3/03/17 and were both super impressed with the professionalism of Kevin. We were made to feel very welcome and were both given some great tips and advise after our massages."

- Sarah  (Estate Agent)

"After returning to exercise following a laziness-induced hiatus, I perhaps didn't stretch well enough and was quite sore heading into the massage.

Kevin was very accommodating and the environment made things very comfortable. Kevin identified particular areas that needed more attention and helped soothe the muscles.

Kevin has a wonderfully firm touch to help with muscle pain and a great variety of strokes. A day after receiving a therapeutic massage I woke up feeling relaxed and pain free."

- Peter (Video Editor)

"I recently had a massage from Kevin, whom had been recommended to me by a friend.

As a mental health clinician, I was looking for an approach tailored both to my body and my mind wellbeing. Given I was feeling quite stressed and I had a few sessions at the gym, 

I asked for a holistic treatment.

The session lasted 90 minutes and Kevin came across as both knowledgeable and caring. His treatment was unhurried and pain free; he put lots of attention to the details of the experience and I felt well looked after. It was one of the best massage ever. A really nice person which I would highly recommend."

-Chris (Clinical Psychologist).

It was extraordinarily professional. I really enjoyed the treatment. Great person - Great therapist! Huge thanks 

Antonio - (Catering Manager)

The Masseuse was also very knowledgeable and gave each person personal feedback on their muscles and tips for improvement  (Seated Massage Onsite session)  

- Stella  McCartney Ltd 

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