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What to expect from your session .


Your first visit will always begin with a confidential detailed one to one consultation. You will need to arrive a little earlier for your first appointment in order to accommodate this.


Based on this information I will tailor a planned treatment according to your needs. 


If you are currently under the care of a medical practitioner, it is important to let me know ,as you may need to seek their advice before proceeding with any complimentary health treatments. 

Following your consultation you will be shown where you can change. Towels/ coverings are provided and you will be shown how to make yourself comfortable on the table. 

Your comfort and feelings of safety are paramount. It is important to note that at no time will you be naked on the table. You will remain covered at all times and the only part of your body that will be exposed is that being massaged at the time. 

What not expect. 


 I provide a strictly professional and grounded service with a therapeutic and remedial approach. There is at no time any sexual or sensual aspect to the treatment.

After your treatment 


To get the most out of your treatment 


  • Drink plenty of water  - this will help flush out any of the body's natural waste products released due to the beneficial effects on your metabolism. 


  • Try and avoid drinking any strong stimulants such as tea, coffee, or alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours following your treatment. You may possibly experience the effects of dehydration otherwise.


  • Try to get some quality time after your treatment to allow your body to adjust to benefits of your treatment. 

Symptoms you may experience after your treatment


  • Energised

  • Increased thirst

  • You may find you want to go to the toilet to pass urine more than usual

  • Sleepy , fatigued or very relaxed.

  • Muscle soreness, which may feel similar to that experienced after exercise. 



I will normally contact you (usually via email or text) within the 24hrs following your first appointment to follow up on how your are doing.  However , if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Should I be with a client I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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